About Copernicus Park Neighborhood Association
    The Copernicus Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) was formed in 2010.  The association is a non-political group with the goals of promoting a safe neighborhood, a chance for neighbors to socialize, a way to communicate with public officials as necessary, and a means for people in our neighborhood to work together.

CPNA Board
    The Copernicus Park Neighborhood Association board is run by volunteers that live in the area.  Members can vote for board members at the March member meeting.  If you are interested in being on the board please nominate yourself by the deadline prior to the March member meeting. 

  • President –Kelly Hughbanks
  • Vice President – Kay Nichols
  • Treasurer – Jeremiah Blomberg
  • Secretary – Cheri Meyer
  • Members at Large – Sherry Schwark, Jackie Capstran and Tricia Czajkowski

Contact us at copernicusparkna@gmail.com

    We are always looking for volunteers to assist with events or to host a new event.  Please contact us at copernicusparkna@gmail.com if you are able to help out at an existing event, or are interested in chairing a new event.

Annual events hosted by CPNA:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Park Clean-Up
  • Rummage Sale Weekend
  • Movie Night
  • Brewers Tailgate (for adults only)
  • Annual Block Party
  • Halloween Night Time Trick or Treat

For details on any of these events, become a member to receive the newsletter.

How to become a member:
    Any current resident of, or owner of property, in the CPNA  boundaries which are  Grange Avenue (south side of Grange) to Ramsey Avenue (both sides) from 20th Street (both sides) to 23rd Street (both sides), plus the pocket from Goldcrest to Ramsey from 18th to 20th Streets, and the pocket from Dennis to Birchwood from 23rd to 26th in Milwaukee, WI is eligible for Membership in the Association upon full payment of the annual dues ($10) and completion of an Application for Membership form. 

Honorary Membership:
    Any person outside the established boundaries may acquire honorary membership in the Association, upon full payment of the Association dues.  Honorary Membership entitles the person to an emailed copy of each newsletter and participation in neighborhood events for one year from the date of membership. Honorary Membership does not, however, include voting rights.

E-mail us to receive an Application for Membership.

Businesses that support us:


If you are interested in advertising in our newsletter please contact us at copernicusparkna@gmail.com