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About Us

Connie Wilson, Chairperson
Samer Abulughod, Vice-Chairperson
Julia O’Connor, Treasurer
Jennifer Gordon, Secretary
Jim Baker
Jared Bell
Percy Dorsey
Marshall Lee
Dawn Riegel
Bob Reinap
Bryan Simon
Debbie Stoddard
Ald. Terry Witkowski
Co. Supervisor Jason Haas
Dean Brown
Steve Djuric
Diane Kosarzycki
Chester Kuzminski
Mike Plumley
Scott Spiker

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Our Post Office Address:
The Garden District Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 70876

Milwaukee, WI 53207

(414) 379-2450

Map of the Garden District - 13th Aldermanic District


The Garden District Neighborhood Association has three main objectives:

  • To work toward establishing and maintaining the 13th District as Milwaukee’s Garden District
  • To support establishing and maintaining Neighborhood Associations in the Garden District
  • To improve the quality of life through civic involvement and community education

The Garden Committee  (web page)
    The Garden Committee focuses on making this the Garden District. It encourages business owners, residents and others to plant and beautify to live up to the common council approved plan drafted by the committee. The Garden Committee runs a business and residential garden awards program with the sponsorship of the Gateway to Milwaukee recently highlighting “curb appeal” to spur on planting in front of homes. They have run perennial flower exchanges, educational programs, done community plantings and inspired a rental garden plot site now sponsored by the UW- Extension. They have assisted neighborhood associations in grant applications and grants for neighborhood beautification projects. Currently, the committee is working on a community garden at 6th and Howard and beautification along 6th street starting at Howard. A pocket park is planned for 5th Place and Howard. This committee meets at 6:30 P.M. on the first Tuesday of every month at the Water Tower, 4001 S. 6th Street, 3rd Floor. To join the committee, contact Chair Dawn Riegel at 414-379-2450.

Neighborhood Associations / Affiliates  (web page)
      Neighborhood associations in the Garden District have been invited to have a representative on the Garden District Neighborhood Association (GDNA) board. The intent is to establish a place where the various associations could share information and techniques for running a neighborhood association.  This concept was further explored and a committee formed to make recommendations to the Board as to what can be done to assist in training and would benefit the neighborhood associations of the Garden District. Since new neighborhood associations have little or no money to operate, the GDNA had offered an incentive of $100 to each start up neighborhood association that attends one GDNA meeting and then sends a letter to apply for it. A second $100 was offered for those becoming a member and attending three meetings, training sessions or a combination of the two. Neighborhood associations may also be offered a $500 grant for undertaking a planting project in their area. It can be used as a match in City of Milwaukee “Well Neighborhood” grants. The GDNA website, “” has been revised so that any neighborhood association that doesn’t have a web site of their own will be able to use space on the GDNA site. (See “Affiliates.”)

Civic Involvement and Community Education (web page)
      Historically, the GDNA has been active in measures to improve and protect the neighbors in the Garden District. This included meetings held to have residents learn more about the freeway, a candidate forum and testifying before committees or sending letters. We have supported a railroad quiet zone, the first in the city and opposed cash for gold places. The GDNA spoke in support of the resolution naming this the Garden District and has a seat as an honorary board member of the Airport Gateway Business Association.

Donations and Support
     We are a nonprofit 501(c) 3 volunteer organization. All cash or in kind contributions are tax deductible up to the limits of the law. Please make checks out to: The Garden District Neighborhood Association
Send to:  
      The Garden District Neighborhood Association
      Attn: Connie Wilson
      P.O. Box 70876
      Milwaukee, WI 53207